Energy Efficiency Certificates

The energy efficiency certification (EEC) is mandatory for all those properties that are sold or rented, as established by RD 390/2021, of June 1. The procedure for issuing the certificate includes a review of the available documentation, a physical visit and registration in the records of the corresponding Autonomous Community.

Certificate of occupancy

It is an administrative document whose function is to certify that a dwelling meets the minimum conditions of habitability provided for in current regulations.

In any case we will need the Cédula de Habitabilidad whenever we want to transfer a property, either in a sale or rental or to register electricity, gas and water services.


Protection insurance : Rental payment

When leasing a property, multiple problems may arise from which the owners have been defending themselves, usually by asking the tenant to provide bank or personal guarantees, as well as by paying a deposit of one or two monthly installments of the rent. The insurance against non-payment of rent completes this protection for the lessor.

Home insurance

Is it mandatory? In principle, no. And we say in principle, because we must qualify it. If we own a house and do not want to take out insurance, we do not have to do so.

But things change when the property is mortgaged: in this case, the bank will require us to have insurance against serious incidents.


Legal advice

A real estate advisor provides guidance on the current state of the real estate market, investment opportunities, how to access financing or better sales prices, among other aspects.
With their help, we can find the projects that best suit our needs and tastes.

Refurbishment projects

We will carry out a study of reform and decoration personalized to your needs. From minor touch-ups to complete renovations.
Our architect is in charge of preparing and signing the necessary document for the opening and start-up of a business that requires a specific premises or enclosure for the operation of the activity.